Ray Blindauer

Mortgage Loan Originator, NEXA Mortgage

I went out on my own so I could tailor the loan process to be more effective and efficient and as convenient as possible. I have really taken my reviews to heart. You, the customers, have helped me understand what you need and like during the loan process–responding to e-mail quickly and answering your calls mornings and evenings. We make every attempt to provide timely updates before you are thinking of them, but understand the need to be available for a response or a reply to you in a timely manner.
My career was shaped early on when I was referred a client who was supposed to be closing escrow on a new home in four days. His mortgage broker just told him that he didn’t even have his loan approved. My new client was desperate and had a sizeable deposit in jeopardy.
I contacted every one in every aspect of the mortgage industry I had ever done business with to not only get his loan approved the same day, but an appraisal done and docs out three days later.
I could not believe that anyone could be so irresponsible and deceitful to a client. Since then, I promised myself that I will always take great care with each file I have because it’s more than just a file. It’s you, your deposit, your first home, your savings on a refinance, your goals. I’m Ray Blindauer and I work for you.




I can help.


Whether you’re getting your first place or moving into a bigger one, purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. That’s why we make sure you have a full understanding of how the process works, and what loan option works best for you individually. Our licensed professionals will guide you every step of the way, and always be available to answer your questions.


By refinancing through NEXA Mortgage, you can potentially reduce your monthly payments saving you hundreds of dollars a month. As a broker, we have access to a wide array of equity-based lending options to meet your specific financing needs. Because we specialize in tailored programs, we can help you through a variety of financial situations, big or small.

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